Chocolate Mojito

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Chocolate Mojito by Michael Thompson


1 1/3 oz Gin
2/3 oz Bols Cacao
10 Fresh Mint Leaves

1/2 Lime


Crushed Ice
Soda Water

To Create:

1. Pick five to ten mint leaves and slap them to release the aromas.

2. Roll a lime with your hand and slice half the lime into quarters.

3. Squeeze all four lime wedges into the glass and add to the bottom of the glass.

4. Add a dash of syrup

5. Add Gin and Bols Cacao and fill the glass with crushed ice.

6. Mix the ingredients together with a tall spoon, spreading the lime and mint throughout the glass.

7. Top with more crushed ice and add a dash of soda water.

8. Garnish with mint leaves and serve.

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